Amazing Local Wine Tours & Wagon Rides- Featuring Cowboy Pete!‎



Hop on our Happy Trails Wagon Tours for an afternoon of fine wine tasting, great restaurants and good ol' country fun.  The Carmel Valley Village now boasts over 20 tasting rooms with a wide variety of wines.  Perfect for a afternoon treat, guided wine tours, office parties, birthday celebrations,  family reunions, or wedding celebrations.  Group reservations can be made in advance with a deposit.  Bring a picnic supper or hot cocoa...bundle up in the winter and soak up the sun in the summer. No matter when you come for a ride, you're guaranteed  an unforgettable experience. 

$25.00 all day hop on & hop off & hop back on again !

Group parties priced individually.

Call for reservations

831 970-8198 


Please call us for more info

831 970-8198  

Pete Azevedo, Proprieter

Let us do the driving...while you sip, savor, shop and dine!

A unforgettable way to "do the town" in the Carmel Valley Village.

Carmel Valley Village truly does have an old fashioned Village feel, and is now home to 20 tasting rooms and many unique vineyards nearby. When it's foggy in Carmel, the village has plenty of sunshine! Our Vintage John Deere tractor pulls a country wagon that seats 10 to 12 guests, with 3 more on the "perch" seat. Passengers enjoy a fun ride from wine room to restaurants to the many boutiques in our village. Let us pick you up at your local CV Village hotel or meet us at the East End of the Village. We run from Noon to dusk everyday. Hop on and off while touring several tasting rooms, stopping for lunch or shopping.  Or make it a family affair...a perfect family adventure, bridal party excursion, birthday celebration or just for fun in the sun! Group reservations are welcome.

Make some memories...

Whether you are a local with out of town company, celebrating a special day, or have chosen our little piece of heaven as your vacation spot, you'll make a fun memory aboard Happy Trails wagon. A great way to relax and be "chauffeured" around town, we've got something for everyone. Enjoy a picnic under the oaks at the park, choose a top restaurant for a fancy lunch, or enjoy a burger and fish & chips at a great family dining spot. We will drop you off and pick you up on your schedule.

Bring the kids...

We are kid friendly (and happy dog friendly too), and have been known to take a detour to the ice cream store for some treats.  Kick the soccer ball at the park, take a ride around the local hills leading down to the river, great picture taking views. 

This is what we hear...

"The whole family had a great time, three generations!"

"Best anniversary weekend...thanks Cowboy Pete

for so much fun!"

"We found a new favorite wine...sent some to the grandparents and our kids.  So much to choose from."

""We'll be back next year!""

"Great wine and food, and friendly people.  What a beautiful place to visit." 

"Best office Christmas party we've had."

How's That Tractor Riding?

Is She Gonna Start Pete?

Best part of the day is watching Pete start her up!

Tractor & Trolleys

Take the Wine Trolley from Monterey to go meet Pete!